Anonymous: What do you think you want to do as a job/study?

Currently I’m interested in pursuing an animation course at either QUT or Griffith uni, but I’m also considering design and/or art, who knows where I’ll end up.

Anonymous: ur going on a family holiday to cambodia for schoolies?? really?

who said anything about a family holiday? I’m going with 4 of my close friends, schoolies is overrated, I want to do something worth while with my time and money. 

I’m a happy girl, everything’s coming up!


Palo Alto (2014) dir. Gia Coppola

"You know Picasso drew fast, he could draw a dove in 16 seconds"
"But to do it in 16 seconds it took 6 decades of practice, technical skill is not enough, it’s never enough. He had to master the masters, before he was able to abandon what he learned and become Picasso."

(via whiskeyincairo)

Anonymous: what are you looking forward to most about the next few months?

I’m spending a few days camping with friends on Stradbroke Island in 2 weeks! After that formal, graduation, travelling to Cambodia for 3 weeks instead of schoolies and eventually moving in with some close friends sometime next year. There’s a lot of exciting things coming my way. 

Anonymous: what star sign are you?